Registered trainers

Neville Seal PASA registered trainer

Registration number PASA199-94484020

Neville has 16 years’ experience in Psychic Mediumship. He is a natural Psychic Medium that came into his ability as a youngster. Neville has a sturdy track record as a psychic practitioner, with a strong return clientele. He focuses on psychic practice as a method of healing and sees the benefits of psychic ability being obtained through solid self and spiritual practice.

Neville brings together an integrated program that sees the human experience as a whole.

‘Being a natural psychic and medium has it’s benefits and challenges. I have seen my own skill level improves through spiritual practice and training. I see great benefit in sharing this with my fellow peers and with those that are looking to cultivate spiritual practice and their gifts as a result of this participation. The course endeavours to instill a sense of healing in all candidates and in this way providing a moment of stillness through practice to access natural human ability. Training this ability’s presence is vital to all spiritual practices and researched techniques provide practical ways of engaging.   My involvement in The Psychics Association of South Africa is such an honour and I look forward to safe guarding spiritual practice through adhering to the associations ethos. PASA’s guidance and participation in my training program has been invaluable to my progress as a facilitator and I look forward to sharing this growth.’

Neville is furthermore a registered Reiki practitioner with the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Japan and the Reiki Association of South Africa. Neville is recognised as a Karuna Reiki® practitioner under the International Center for Reiki Training. He brings together all his experience and training in his course to ensure that trainees receive a comprehensive knowledge of psychic practice.

We strongly recommend Neville as a facilitator. His natural, authentic approach is practical and effective. The Psychics Association of South Africa welcomes Neville as a PASA registered trainer and we look forward to him impacting the South African public in a positive, insightful, healing way.

Please  log onto Neville’s website to contact him.