The Psychics Association of South Africa endeavours to:

  • Preserve the integrity of inherent human practices
  • Preserve and deliver effective, authentic services in South Africa
  • Support practitioners in their careers as alternative therapists
  • Provide quality Spiritual development opportunities to practitioners of all practices, preserving their Spiritual aptitudes
  • Provide Spiritual development opportunities to the South African public to propel our integration objectives
  • Integrate alternative practices into the wellness sector as a support to conventional practices by cultivating a ‘mind, body, spirit’ culture
  • Integrate the Spiritual community with conventional South African society by creating safe spaces for South African’s to engage with authentic Spiritual aptitudes

The Psychics Association of South Africa provides a forum that officially recognises all professional practitioners. We endeavour to develop professional practitioners so as to provide authentic psychic services to the South African public. We seek to integrate the Spiritual community, creating a cohesive network of professional practitioners. PASA recognises all psychics, mediums and healers as part of the community. The organisation honours the culture of Spiritual practice and protects the integrity of Spiritual practices by providing quality development opportunities. Through the provision of Spiritual development opportunities The Psychics Association of South Africa seeks to preserve the heritage of inherent human practices.

The Association appreciates psychic practice as beneficial to all methods of alternative practice and we endeavour to deliver quality training services to practitioners. As an organisation we believe that Spiritual aptitudes should be considered as a whole and we encourage members to deliver on our objectives of ‘effective services’, by developing themselves through multiple avenues of training. PASA believes that adopting self-developing and self-nurturing approaches to alternative practices delivers on effective services.

The Psychics Association of South Africa supports practitioners in their capacity as alternative therapists and focuses on integrating practitioners into South African society in a safe and engaging way. PASA recognises alternative therapies as a supportive practice to the wellness sector and we encourage the focus on South African citizens as a whole; mind, body and spirit.

By investing in the natural Spiritual heritage of human beings through development opportunities, PASA meets its integration objectives. The organisation believes that Spiritual development needs to be an integrated part of South African society and we strive to make Spiritual development opportunities available to the South African public. We strongly motivate integration between the public and the Spiritual community and seek to propel integration by developing understanding though Spiritual development.

The Psychics Association of South Africa is a registered organisation with the Department of Social Development. Registration number: PASA 199-944l