Course Enrollment and Members Registration

Step 1:

Applicants will apply to enroll in training with PASA approved trainers by contacting your registered PASA trainer.To verify your registered trainer please log onto registered trainers. PASA prescribes a standard rate for developments programs of R350.00 to R550 per module (as per 2019). An annual increase applies. 

Step 2:

Candidates will attend the 12 week psychic development training. You will need to complete the full course before applying to become a registered member.

Step 3: 

New members will submit 10 client references once you have completed your training and applied the knowledge of the training. Please contact PASA for registrations forms and  submit the completed form with your client references. Please ensure that you include proof of payment of your membership registration fee (see registration fees below). All membership fees need to be paid to The Psychics Association of South Africa and not the training trainers. Only course fees are payable to registered trainers. Please submit membership applications to 

Step 4:

Once your client references have been reviewed and cleared by the Psychics Association of South Africa, you will receive a confirmation email with your PASA certificate and membership number. PASA will keep a documented record of you good practice. 

Step 5:

You will be registered as a Professional PASA Practitioner and be featured on the PASA website.

Step 6:

Every 12 months members are encouraged to enroll in continual training. You are required to select a section of the original training program and attend a refresher course or attend other spiritual development programs registered by PASA. You will as a PASA member gain access to all PASA events and have a platform to showcase your practice and skills. PASA supports practitioners and looks forward to the growth and development of our members. 

Please use the following channel of communication to communicate with PASA for your membership applications:

Membership fees

In light of good governance, we would like to be transparent about what our membership fees are utilised for.

A membership of R550 per year:

  • Administration of membership
  • Issuing of certificate and membership number
  • Registration on PASA website
  • Maintaining membership registration and website registration. 
  • Unlimited access to PASA events.

Any changes to personal details on the PASA website will be charged at a fixed rate of R60

Registration Documents

Please contact a registered trainer in you area. Click on ‘Registered Trainers’ under ‘Courses and Trainers’ on this website. All enrollments are process by our Registered Trainers

Do you have any questions? Visit our FAQ’s page or contact PASA at