Frequently Asked Questions

The Psychics Asscoiation of South Africa endeavours to support  practitioners in their careers providing them a professional platform that invests in its members. Being a PASA member will ensure that you retain your professionalism and spiritual aptitudes.

PASA provides access to training that will give you the upper hand in being a professional practitioner. Practitioners will be provided continual training opportunities to ensure that they maintain and preserve their skill level. Being recognised under an association provides you professional status and presence in your community. The South African public are more trusting in practitioners that are part of organisations with standard practices and ethics. As an organisation we strive to provide our members that grounding.  

PASA focuses on supporting alternative practices. The Association provides opportunities for our practitioners to expose their skill levels to the South African public at PASA events. We provide a safe and engaging space for practitioners and South Africans to engage in authentic services, cultivating a culture of trust and interaction. PASA events are in aid of preserving the spiritual community’s positioning in South Africa through this integrative approach. PASA membership gives all members unlimited access to PASA events.We look forward to your presence at the Association as a registered member.  

Memberships are required so that you can register at the association as a professional member. The membership fee maintains the administrative function of the registration, maintenance of membership and the your website registration.Furthermore the PASA Committee uses generated fees to organise events for members, so as to create an integrated community.

The Psychics Association of South Africa has structured its frameworks on par with international associations and  institutes  that support alternative therapies and practices. Basic training is required to register for  membership as an international standard and the Psychics Association of South Africa aligns itself to these standards and ethics. PASA recognises the necessity to operate within these frameworks to ensure professional practice that respects standards of good governance. 

Please contact registered trainers to enroll in your development programs. PASA prescribes a standard rate for developments programs R350.00 to R550 per module(as per 2019). An annual increase applies. 

Please contact registered trainers  for course dates. Courses are facilitated with both practical and theoretical work. Assignments are given to trainees each week to be completed so as to keep trainees integrated in the course and ensure their development.

To register as a member of the Psychics Association of South Africa (PASA) trainees are required to complete ten client references. These references are to be completed once you have completed the PASA approved training and applied the knowledge. Please ensure that all client references are acquired from people that are not related to you or close friends or acquaintances. It is vital that an outside perspective is given for adequate feedback. In these references, clients need to provide their feedback in regards to their engagement with the practitioner. When you are ready to submit your client references, a template will be available on the membership application form. Once you have accomplished ten adequate client references you need to submit the references accompanied with your registration form and proof of payment of membership registration fees to the association via email at A 30 day period will be required for processing. Once your references have been contacted and approved you will receive your registration number and certificate via email, notifying you that you are a registered member. PASA will furthermore have a track record of your practice that ensures documentation of your skill level. 

PASA trainers are required to have a minimum of 10 year’s psychic experience. This means that PASA trainers will have to have practiced as psychic practitioners for 10 years, be spiritually seeking and maintained personal and skills development. References from clients (not related to the practitioner) will be required to ensure that the potential trainer’s claims can be verified. Potential PASA trainers will need to submit a 12 week training program that is in line with PASA standards and objectives. A 6 month vetting  process applies to evaluate all applications.

PASA works within a three phase submission framework:

Phase 1: Initial review and recommendation. Applicants are given recommendation on developments and given three weeks to apply all recommendations to their training programs. Criteria is based on PASA’s objectives of good self practice,professional practice and effective implementation of programs and training methods. Late submissions are charged at R250 per submissions. Late submissions fall outside of the three week period and date provided by PASA for Phase 2 submissions. 

Phase 2: A second submission of the applicants training program is then reviewed by the Association. If further development is required PASA will make further recommendation for development. Applicants are given three weeks to apply developments to their programs.Late submissions are charged at R250 per submissions. Late submissions fall outside of the three week period and date provided by PASA for Phase 3 submissions.  

Phase 3: On the third submission PASA will provide a final review of the applicants content. If PASA feels at this stage that applicants have met the criteria, applicants will be accepted and registered as PASA Registered Trainers. If further recommendation is required at this phase of the application, the Association will require applicants to pay an additional fee to the initial application fee for re-submission. The fee has been set at R550 per submission (2019) for every submission. Submission at this phase are at the practitioners pace of submission and not confined to three week periods. Submissions need to be completed three months from the date that the applicant received the final review and development recommendations. We encourage applicants to stay focused and meet the three month dead line and utilise the Associations assistance in this period as much as possible. After the final three month submission phase, submissions will be accepted as ‘New Applicants’ and admission fees apply as of the date of application. 

Confirmation of applications will be provided via email to applicants indicating the success of the application to become a PASA trainer. It is The Psychics Association of South Africa’s policy to protect all content at all times when it is in the position of the Association. We respect all content as full rights of the author’s and engage within a high respect to confidentiality. The Psychics Association of South Africa will not use any content received by applicants for any of its (the association) or members of the associations programs. PASA will ensure strict adherence to confidentiality.

At this stage of the organisations growth objectives PASA will only register one trainer per province to ensure training and program standards. As our capacity allows it, additional trainers will be registered in each province. If you feel that you are qualified to become a PASA trainer, please contact us at  so that we can forward you the requirements for the application and vetting process. 

Fees for application and vetting:

Vetting fees are calculated on the annual registration fees paid by all registered PASA trainers. 

Initial application fee: Please contact PASA for application fees at 

Late submissions: R 250 

Post phase three submissions: R 550 

Training programs can be recognised by PASA. We have structured a framework to include PASA approved training programs. PASA recognition does not proved accreditation. Accreditation requires the trainer and the training program to be fully affiliated to PASA and abide by the terms and conditions set out by PASA for registered trainers. Recognised training programs will be short listed as continual training opportunities for PASA members and the South African public. All approved training programs and trainers will be required to abide by PASA terms and conditions for recognised training courses and trainers.Approved training programs will be awarded certificates and special PASA training logos to indicate PASA recognition.Furthermore your training program will be registered on the PASA website as ‘Approved Training’ opportunities. Annual fees are applicable for registration. 


 The fee will provide the following benefits:

  • Registration as PASA approved training and continual training opportunities for members and the public. 
  • PASA includes approved training programs in our marketing objectives.
  • We include approved training programs in our promotion initiatives. 
  • Fees maintain the awarded certification and logo use.
  • Your annul fees will furthermore maintain your monthly website presence.

A  vetting  and  fees apply.  

For more information on application and fee structures please contact us at

Professional Practitioners

Psychic development ensures the longevity of your spiritual aptitudes. Through continual development you enhance and transform your skill level, allowing it to grow. As you develop one skill level you naturally start growing into your other aptitudes. Retaining your skill level is vital to your practice and to your clients healing process. The more you develop as a practitioner the more you are able to assist your client in a holistic way. 


As healers psychic development is an integral part of engaging with your client on a nonphysical level. Gaining insight into your clients conditions psychically, broadens your insight into how better to assist your client. A developed psychic perspective provides you a wider skill set to offer those that you assist. 


The development of these skills is vital to any mediums practice.A strong psychic connection provides Spirit a clearer channel to communicates with you.  Psychic development will ensure that you maintain the channels of communication, ensuring that communication with Spirit remains fluid and connected. 

Those that are Spiritually Seeking

Developing your psychic aptitude gives you the opportunity to become more in touch with your intuitive abilities that are an inherent part of every human being. Your decision making processes and gauging directions in your life will improve through spiritual development. Tapping into a heightened intuitive skill level will open doorways to your authentic self.  We encourage those that are spiritually seeking to engage in spiritual development so as to unlock your natural spiritual state of being. PASA believe that spiritual development needs to be an integrated part of South African society, bringing all South Africans closer to their innate spiritual aptitudes.  

The Psychic Association of South Africa has based its framework on frameworks that are recgonised by international institutions that recognise alternative therapies. These institutions require skills based training for membership and ensure that their members practice their skill levels professionally. PASA endeavours to instill these qualities within our members and the spiritual  community. 

The Association has a strong focus on preserving the integrity of inherent human practices and we strive to assist the spiritual community in the effort to do so.  

Our training programs assist our candidates in tuning into, enhancing and maintaining their skill levels. For more experienced practitioners we encourage your attendance, so that we can provide you tools to preserve and maintain your skill levels. PASA takes a key interest in you practicing for as long as you can and as professionally as possible. Our training programs provide you the ability to practice within professional frameworks, meeting our objective of providing the South African public professional psychic services. 

Through our focus on continual training, we believe that we are all in a process of continually learning and development .Our members have the opportunity to take advantage of this objective and partake in training opportunities that endeavour to preserve the longevity of their skills.