Disciplinary Code

As an organisation PASA does not encourage complaints. We encourage that members and their clients try mediate and resolve the matter among one another first. If members and their clients are unable to resolve any unfortunate matter, The Psychics Association of South Africa will mediate according to the complaints procedure outlined below. 

Complaints procedure:

  • Complaints are only accepted once a bona fide effort has been made to resolve any unfortunate matters that have arisen between members and their clients.
  • Any complaints need to be submitted to PASA via email; accompanied by correspondence between members and their clients proving an effort to come to a resolve.
  • No complaints will be accepted without proof of communication between PASA members and their clients indicating an effort to resolve the matter amicably.
  • No complaints will be accepted telephonically.

Members will be deregistered on the following grounds:

  • Acting in contravention of the Codes of Ethics, Rules and Standards set out by PASA.
  • Acting in contravention of any regulating laws and by laws of South Africa.
  • Any addiction to substances of any kind. Substances pertain to: illegal drugs, alcohol, prescription medication or any other form of harmful addiction.
  • Any forms of discrimination, harassment or disregard for the well-being of their clients and the South African public.
  • Any forms of threatening or violent acts against any clients or South African public.
  • Undermining the integrity of PASA or its member, on social media, any other forms of media, word of mouth or in any other manner. 


  • Investigations will be conducted by the PASA Committee in regards to any complaints received.
  • Investigations will take 30 days to conclude.
  • The decision by the Committee is final.
  • Appeals will be considered under strict conditions