Courses and Trainers


 PASA registered  courses are ideal for those wanting to become professional practitioners, for those seeking to incorporate a Spiritual practice into their live’s or for those wanting to develop their Spirituality. The courses provide a variety of insight and skills development that could benefit a variety of practitioners (psychics, mediums and healers) and those that are Spiritually seeking. PASA trainers have developed 12 week researched training programs that are mandatory for all members to pursue before registering. Training ensures professional practitioners, in line with PASA’s objectives. Members are required to complete the 12 weeks training before they are registered as members at PASA. We encourage continual training and development to ensure members maintain their skill level.

The Psychics Association of South Africa has structured its frameworks on par with international associations and  institutes  that support alternative therapies and practices. Basic training is required to register for  membership as an international standard and the Psychics Association of South Africa aligns itself to these standards and ethics. PASA recognises the necessity to operate within these frameworks to ensure professional practice that respects standards of good governance. 

Our courses are researched and developed from reliable sources. Research is conducted on a common thread basis and integrated from practitioners that are skilled in their fields of practice.All courses are facilitated by PASA approved trainers with a minimum of 10 years psychic experience. We take a practical and authentic approach to psychic aptitude grounding it in both physical and Spiritual practice.  Trainees are provided with  practical and theoretical aspect of the course. Practical assignments are provided each week to be completed and feedback is then required to ensure that all trainees are actively participating in the course. Trainees are closely monitored during training to ensure that they are developing adequately throughout the training programs.Once courses are completed, trainees will be required to practice their developed aptitudes and submit ten client references along with their membership applications to complete the application process.


Only PASA registered trainers will be given authorization to facilitate psychic development training to PASA trainees and members

To apply for training courses, please contact the respective training facilities. The Psychics Association of South Africa registered trainers that have set and submitted training programs and who have successfully met the training criteria after vetting.  All workshop guidebooks and exercise books will be provided on attendance of the course by your registered PASA trainer. For course fees, dates and training facilities please contact your registered PASA trainer. You can find their details  at Registered trainers.

To become a registered PASA trainer please log onto our FAQ’s page and scroll down to How do I become a PASA trainer and what does in entail?