Code of Ethics

The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to define ethical Standards, Rules and Responsibilities that PASA  members are required to adhere to. The Standards, Rules and Responsibilities are in aid of creating a professional body of practitioners that that provide best practice.  


  • Are required to conduct readings in a professional manner, according to the Code of Ethics as stated on the PASA web site.
  • Should give psychic advice as responsibly and accurately as possible.
  • Advice should be without judgement or discrimination and in the best interests of the client and not imply 100% accuracy.
  • Readings may make reference to legal and medical issues but are not to give legal or medical advice.
  • Psychic services should only be given to persons eighteen years or over unless permission is given by a parent or guardian.
  • Are required to charge reasonable consultation fees for their services.
  • Will respect the privacy of their clients and offer a confidential service.
  • Will not be discriminatory against anyone and will respect all races, genders and sexual orientations.
  • May not exploit clients through fear or threat of any kind.
  • Are required to maintain the free will of clients and ensure that they maintain a state of well-being.
  • Will respect the free will of all individuals and will not offer to influence another against their will, such as promising to bring a person to love them or any other outlandish claims.
  • Will not promote nor offer to remove curses nor the effects of other types of magic.
  • Are required to maintain the well-being of themselves at all time by living healthy well rounded lifestyles.
  • Are required to uphold a high standard of professionalism.
  • Are required to attend continual personal development and spiritual development programs.
  • Are required to Act in accordance with the regulating laws and bylaws of the city they reside in and that of South Africa.
  • Are required to uphold the Rules, Standards and Ethics set out by PASA.
  • Are required to uphold the integrity of PASA and not undermine the association online, on social media or any other forms of media and neither by word of mouth or in any other manner that brings the organisation or its members into disrepute.
  • Are required to maintain a professional and amicable standing with their peers. Peers pertain to: other Psychic practitioners, Mediums, Healers, Traditional Healers and other alternative practitioners.