Approved and Registered PASA Courses

Registered PASA Courses

Psychic Development 

PASA REFERENCE: PRTPASA1999440001 Now Available! 

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This registered psychic development course is divided into twelve modules that are facilitated over twelve weeks. Modules are facilitated once a week for five hours per module.  This course  provides candidates Spiritual development and the tools to enhance and develop their psychic aptitudes.

Developed by a natural Psychic Medium, the course takes a spiritual approach to psychic development, grounding it in realistic practices that are effective. The realistic approach to this development program is relatable and the content easy to engage with. The practical aspects stay true to traditional spiritual practices and incorporate updated approaches that build on Spirituality’s developments. 

On completion of the course and once candidates have fulfilled the Associations requirements, candidates can register at the Psychics Association of South Africa as a professional practitioner. To learn more please log onto FAQ’s or Course and Trainers

A content rich course, that provides self development, broad spectrum insight and enriches the senses; the Association recommends this course to all South Africans. 

Advanced Psychic Development

PASA REFERENCE: PRTPASA1999440002 (Currently under research and development)

This 6 week course is provided to those that have completed the initial psychic development course. It provides candidates intensive psychic development opportunities that strengthen and maintain their psychic abilities. The course is provided once a week for six weeks and runs for five hours per module.

Advanced Psychic Development utilises a variety of alternative practices and psychic development methods to achieve its objectives. The variety introduced in the course is captivating and intensive. 

We look forward to welcoming candidates to join us, as we walk this journey of self discovery with them. 

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Spirituality for Children 

PASA REFERENCE: PRTNAO1999440003 Now Available!

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‘We teach children to accept themselves as spiritual beings, develop their intuitive ability and assist them in becoming more spiritually tolerant’. ~ course developer

This course provides budding Spiritualists tools that assist them in becoming more mindful and intuitive, ensuring interactive activities to remind our young trainees of what they have learnt. Our young candidates are kept engaged throughout the program through self-development aspects of the course that seeks to provide deeper self-understanding through the course’s introspective nature.  

Facilitated over 4 weeks, for an hour and a half PASA recommends this insightful beginners journey to our young South Africans. The Psychics Association recommends ages 10-17 for this course and has full faith that the insight delivered will enlighten young souls.  

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Approved PASA Courses

Tarot Card Workshop

PASA REFERENCE: PATNOA1999440004 (Currently under review and development)

This comprehensive course delves into the Tarot card system in its traditional capacity. It provides candidates the ability to understand the different Arcana and provides trainees the skill on how to interact with the Tarot system traditionally and intuitively. 

Although traditional the course provides a nod to the present, providing a relatable air to the interaction. 

The course outline is as follows:

Week One-  History of the Tarot and traditional meanings and connections between the Arcana.

Week Two- Traditional meanings and connections between the Arcana.

Week Three- Intuitive development and understanding symbolism.

Week Four- Intuitive development and using the Tarot system in readings.

 We highly recommend this course to anyone looking to understand and use the Tarot system. To learn more about approved courses please log onto FAQ’s. 



The introduction of Reiki brings a healing presence to The Psychics Association of South Africa. The founder of PASA expresses his joy about the psychic moments he experienced at Soul Healing Academy.

“The introduction of Reiki assisted me in my psychic development. The energy experienced by Reiki is a gentle heartbeat hug in the aura -a constant reminder of love.” ~PASA Founder.

We recognize Soul Healing Academy as a space of spirituality and welcome the training center’s healing presence.

Please click on the link and explore a healing journey with Soul Healing Academy. To learn more about approved courses please log onto FAQ’s